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2022 - 2023 CPD Program Updates

Message from the Associate Dean, Continuing Professional Development

Dr. Suzan Schneeweiss

The 2022-2023 academic year has been marked by significant growth and innovation at Continuing Professional Development (CPD). From the introduction of new programs, such as the Health by Design certificate program and Child Nutrition series, to the expansion of Narrative-Based Medicine offerings, CPD continues to respond to evolving learner needs and interests. Working in partnership with CPD directors and leaders across the Temerty Faculty of Medicine, we implemented programming that incorporates updates to practice approaches, inspires lifelong learning and improves patient care.

CPD has been at the forefront of the evolution of online CPD, recognizing its effectiveness in disseminating knowledge and enhancing professional practice. Programming this past year offered flexibility for learners through a variety of in-person, digital and hybrid formats. Each modality provided an opportunity for learners to participate in interactive learning and connect with peers and colleagues. Over the past year, CPD accredited 225 programs and conferences and 40,439 learners from around the world participated in CPD offerings. As we look towards the future of CPD, we are focusing on current health care challenges including climate change, developing inclusive programs and conferences supported by CPD best practices, engaging patients as partners, and ensuring our programs integrate with quality improvement initiatives for better healthcare outcomes.

Our CPD scholarship team has played a crucial international role in advancing and promoting leadership in CPD through our dedicated scholarly endeavours. We have actively worked towards articulating and demonstrating the value and impact of CPD leadership within the medical education continuum through our publications and national and international presentations. In addition to our scholarly work, we have supported leaders in our professional development programs to develop essential leadership competencies in the field of CPD. By offering specialized training and coaching, we aim to empower these leaders with the skills and knowledge needed to drive innovation, collaboration and promote CPD as an academic career pathway.

Members of the wider Temerty Faculty of Medicine community engaged in CPD joined us at Reflections and Inspirations for CPD Systems Renewal in fall 2022 to learn about recent scholarship in CPD and discuss our vision for the future. This year’s event was particularly important as we embark on a strategic planning process that will inform how we imagine and deliver CPD in the years ahead.

As you read about the program innovations, scholarship achievements and award celebrations that summarize the past year at CPD, you will notice a core theme of engagement throughout — with learners, faculty members, administrative staff and scholarship collaborators. Moving into 2023-24, we look forward to continuing our work with members of the CPD community and partners across the continuum of medical education.

Dr. Suzan Schneeweiss 
Associate Dean, Continuing Professional Development 
Temerty Faculty of Medicine 

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Program Innovations 

Improving Health Equity through Interprofessional Knowledge-Sharing

CPD is committed to incorporating equity, diversity, inclusivity, indigeneity and accessibility into all elements of program design and delivery. We believe that effective CPD can contribute to a more compassionate and socially just healthcare system.

Developed in alignment with the health action items outlined in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s Final Report, the new Call to Action digital series supports practice change through a holistic understanding of Indigenous health. Over 5 sessions from September to October 2022, participants learned about the social and distal determinants of Indigenous health from patient perspectives and reflected on the impact of historical events on health outcomes. The series aimed to set participants on a career-long path of self-reflection, listening and learning necessary in providing culturally safe care and becoming a true ally and health leader.

Participants from across the country convened at two national, multidisciplinary conferences this past year to learn about innovative ideas and projects focused on improving health equity. In October 2022, the Canadian Children, Youth, and Communities Health In | Equity Conference focused on eliminating barriers to health care access for under-serviced, high-risk, and economically disadvantaged children and youth. The Canadian Health and Well-being in Developmental Disabilities Conference returned in February 2023 and shared practices that contribute to positive physical and mental health outcomes for people with developmental disabilities across the lifespan. Interactive, workshop-based learning was a core feature in each online conference. Patient and family advocates also shared their lived experience navigating the health care system during keynote presentations. Building on the strides made this past year, both conferences will return in 2023-24 to continue important dialogue.

Transforming Healthcare with the Power of Narratives

CPD expanded Narrative-Based Medicine programming over the past 12 months with several new offerings exploring innovative focus areas and narrative-based approaches.

In addition to the Foundational Certificate in Narrative-Based Medicine and the Advanced Certificate in Narrative-Based Medicine we delivered 10 unique offerings spanning multi-session series, experiential workshops and activities that introduced Narrative-Based Medicine to a wider audience. Learners explored the relevance of visual art to the practice of medicine, honed narrative strategies for building resilience and so much more. Members of our community also shared their own creative work, participated in close reading and reflective writing activities and heard from guest speakers during our 3 drop-in Literary Lunch Hours. The year culminated with an in-person installment of the new Narrative-Based Medicine Speaker Series. Moving forward, we are excited to host writers, clinicians and thinkers for thought-provoking conversations that illuminate creative applications of Narrative-Based Medicine.

Responding to positive learner feedback and interest, planned programming for 2023-24 will continue to highlight the positive impact working with stories can have on both patient care and practitioner fulfillment.

Collaborative Action on Climate Change and Human Health

Recognizing the need to adequately prepare health professionals to address challenges posed by environmental changes on human health, CPD launched Taking Action on Planetary Health in February 2023.

Centered on group-based learning, this digital certificate program emphasizes the role health professionals play in responding to the climate crisis. Working in multidisciplinary teams, learners receive guidance as they conceptualize a climate-resilient plan of action with the goal of improving the health of their patients and communities. All components of the program work towards building community and capacity amongst health professionals committed to planetary health promotion and action. Our first cohort of learners will complete the program in June 2023 and begin implementing their interventions in practice.

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Education Scholarship

The CPD Scholarship team experienced a year of advancing CPD scholarship and new ideas and building community through partnerships and collaboration.

In November 2022 we held the Reflections and Inspirations for CPD Systems Renewal Symposium where Dr. David Price delivered the keynote address titled Implementation Science Models for Aligning Health Professions Education with Health System Needs. The symposium brought together faculty, researchers and staff across the CPD community at the University of Toronto as we strategized about the way forward for CPD and CPD scholarship.

The CPD Advancement and Ideas Grants support research and scholarly activities within the Temerty Faculty of Medicine that are aligned with the mission of Continuing Professional Development and focused on the continuing professional development of practicing healthcare professionals. This years’ grant recipients include three IDEAS projects:

  • Assessing Needs to Enhance Child and Youth Mental Health Care Education for Primary Care Professional Development (PI: Dr. Naima Javaid, Department of Psychiatry; Collaborators: Dr. Stephanie Ameis, Dr. Sanjeev Sockalingam; Dr. Javed Alloo, Dr. Peter Selby, Dr. Peter Szatmari) 
  • A Mixed Methods Study to Evaluate Creative Self-Efficacy after Creativity Training in a CPD Program (PI: Dr. Sasha Litwin, Department of Paediatrics; Collaborators: Dr. Sean Park; Dr. Jabeen Fayyaz; Dr. Suzan Schneeweiss)
  • Psychiatrists on Identifying and Addressing Unconscious Bias: Focus on Practitioner Behaviour and Organization Practice Change Implications (PI: Dr. Amy Gajaria, Co-PI: Dr. Shaheen Darani, Department of Psychiatry. Co-Investigators: Dr. Certina Ho, Dr. Fiona Rawle, Dr. Nikhita Singhal. Project Advisor: Dr. Sanjeev Sockalingam).

Once again, the University of Toronto was well represented at the Society for Academic Continuing Medical Education (SACME) Annual Meeting and many members of our community were recognized with awards. Sophie Soklaridis (Department of Psychiatry) received the Dave Davis Research in Continuing Medical Education Award. Kenya Costa-Dookhan (MD Program) was recognized with the Best Early Career Researcher Award. The Fox Award for Best Research Presentation was presented to Morag Paton (CPD) and Sanjeev Sockalingam (Department of Psychiatry).

A detailed list of the scholarly contributions, including publications, presentation, grants, and awards by members of the CPD scholarship team — including Dr. Suzan Schneeweiss, Dr. David Wiljer, Dr. Paula Rowland, Dr. Walter Tavares, Dr. Heather MacNeill, and Dr. Morag Paton — is available online.

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Celebrating Excellence at Continuing Professional Development

Each year, we recognize faculty members who advance CPD for health professionals through demonstrated excellence in research, teaching, scholarship, innovation and collaboration. Congratulations to recipients of this year’s awards for their significant contributions to CPD during the academic year of July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022. Review the complete list of award winners.

We would also like to thank all nominators for helping us recognize members of our CPD community who are making an impact. Learn more about our annual CPD Awards.