Teacher with students in class

Portfolio Scholar

Thank you for taking the time to teach Portfolio. Students are given resources ahead of time to help them prepare a reflection on various themes.  You, as Junior and Academy Scholars facilitate dialogue in the small group session.  Academy Scholars also act as coaches in the one on one progress review meetings, to help students reflect on their progress and create a learning plan.  The resources below will help you prepare for these roles.

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Please review our “Cornerstones of Portfolio” eModule to review everything you need to know to be a Portfolio Scholar.  

Please email ofd.md@utoronto.ca to request the password if it was not received.

Essentials of Portfolio for Junior and Academy Scholars

This component provides an overview of Portfolio for all Scholars, including the overall structure and assessment, your role, and the importance of psychological safety.  The Portfolio Handbook with session details can be found on Elentra.

To access any of the resources, select and click on a link on the right.

Preparing for Your Progress Review Meetings for Senior Academy Scholars

This component includes resources to help you prepare for your one on one progress review meetings with the students, including accessing the Learner Chart, guidelines for the progress review report, and a primer and videos on a facilitated feedback model (R2C2).

To access any of the resources, select and click on a link on the right.
The faculty development session, recording, and tutor manual were very helpful.  I felt well prepared going into it without prior experience, and I felt well supported at the session, with the just-in-time opportunity for coaching.
Sacha Agrawal, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto