Accommodation & Accessibility

We ensure the implementation of accessibility and religious accommodations approved for eligible learners in Temerty Medicine. Please review the following for more information on how you can submit a request for an accommodation.

MD, MD/PhD, Medical Radiation Sciences, Occupational Therapy & Physician Assistant

Accessibility Accommodation

If you would like to request an accommodation for accessibility, please contact the University of Toronto’s Accessibility Services. They will manage engagement with us for next steps.

The office can be contacted at the following:
Accessibility Services
Phone: 416-978-8060

Religious Accommodations

If you would like to request an accommodation for religious observance, please contact The University of Toronto’s Multi-Faith Centre for Spiritual Study & Practice includes more information about Religious Accommodations.

OLA has collated information pertaining to Religious Supports for Learners.

Postgraduate Medical Education

If you would like to request an accommodation for accessibility or religious reasons, please complete the Book An Appointment form and request an appointment for the following:

  • Accessibility accommodation – Request a meeting with the “Accessibility Advisor”. More information about requesting an accessibility accommodation can be found below.
  • Religious accommodation – Request a meeting with the “Director”

Book An Appointment

Accessibility Accommodations

We provide assistance navigating accommodation and accessibility needs for Post-Graduate Learners (residents and clinical fellows) in Temerty Medicine. We can meet with you to discuss the accommodation process, answer questions, share information, and collaborate to develop an individualized accommodation plan to support your success in training.

Learn more about PGME’s guidelines for student accommodations here: Guidelines for Accommodations for Postgraduate Trainees with a Disability 

Service Eligibility

You are a PGME learner (resident or clinical fellow) at Temerty Medicine.

If you are experiencing difficulty, or anticipate disability-related barriers in your program, please be in touch with our office.

Disability is a wide umbrella that includes ongoing and temporary conditions. A diagnosis of disability is not required to inquire about accommodations. If you have a confirmed disability, you are not required to disclose diagnoses to receive accommodation supports or services. 

If you are experiencing accessibility concerns unrelated to disability (such as family status), you are encouraged to meet with our office to discuss options.

Meeting With Our Office

You can meet with us at any point in your training to inquire about accommodations. An initial meeting with the PGME Accessibility Advisor, or Wellness Directors, allows us to speak further about your accessibility-related questions and provide information and support on the best next steps. If you would like an appointment, please complete the Book An Appointment form.

We are currently meeting all learners virtually through Zoom, or by telephone. Please let us know via email if you require accommodations to attend your first appointment. 

You do not require medical documentation ahead of your appointment. Details can be discussed at your first meeting, including your role, as a learner, in the accommodations process.

The Accessibility Accommodation Process

The following summarizes the process for requesting an accommodation for accessibility reasons:

  1. Identify unique need for an accessibility accommodation
  2. Book An Appointment with OLA or email
  3. Initial meeting with Accessibility Advisor and/or Wellness Directors
  4. Discuss potential accommodation options
  5. Gather required documentation and/or discuss the interim accommodation process
  6. Develop and send accommodation plan to Program Director and other relevant parties
  7. Accommodations are implemented by the relevant parties
  8. Conduct periodic review of the accommodation plan at regular intervals or as needed
  9. Accommodation development, implementation and review may require iterative consults with program and learner

The Accommodation Process: Information Sheet (PDF) has information about navigating the accommodation process, including medical documentation requirements.

Religious Accommodations

Temerty Medicine is committed to the University of Toronto’s policy on Religious Observance. To learn more about or request an accommodation for religious observance, please book an appointment selecting “Director” who will advise you on next steps.

OLA has collated information pertaining to Religious Supports for Learners.

Guidelines and Policies

OLA provides accessibility services in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Commission's Policy on Accessible Education for Students with Disabilities (2018).

OHRC- Policy on accessible education for students with disabilities (2018)

Guidelines for Accommodations for Postgraduate Trainees with a Disability