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Cinema Medica

The Cinema Medica: Health & Illness in Film seminar series is a medical-themed film series explores areas of overlap between healthcare and the cinematic medium in an effort to encourage interdisciplinary dialogue on a range of historical, theoretical, and ethical-political issues pertinent to modern medical culture, while introducing medical-humanities students and professionals to the formal techniques and critical vocabulary of film.

Location: TBA

Mixed-Media & Medicine

MMM – A New Virtual Narrative Medicine Space Open To All

Offers a novel discussion space for group learning, reflection and new modes of presentation that are open to all medical learners – student, faculty & staff alike. From our own UofT literary journal ARS MEDICA to Zine Archives in Graphic Medicine and everything in between (Poetry, Comics, YOUTUBES, Monologues, Short Short Stories you name it), we are excited to provide a safe space for participants to discuss short(ish) representations that address spirit, wellness, resilience , consciousness, and reflection. This is an inclusive environment to which ALL are welcomed and equally valued. Please spread the word amongst all people medical – students, faculty, colleagues, tutors, professors, residents, fellows, undergrads, postgrads.

Come one, come all & join us for Mixed Media & Medicine (MMM) Meetings have been held from  6:30 to 7:30 pm on the fourth Thursday of every month. Stay tuned for new dates.

Co-hosted by Jane Zhao & Conor McDonnell