Narrative Lab

Narrative-based Medicine is premised on the understanding that, knowingly and unknowingly, practitioners and patients together construct narratives over the course of their encounters; that these stories – with their multiple characters, conflicts and desires, subtleties and miscommunications – affect the nature and meaning of health events in all our lives; and that getting better at working with stories of all kinds has a powerful impact on both patient care and physician fulfilment.

The Narrative-Based Medicine Lab within CPD offers Certificate Programs (Introductory and Advanced), Arts-based lectures and seminars and curates customized learning experiences that explore narrative-based medicine topics.

CPD and Team Narrative will take a collaborative approach in designing and curating your program and will work with you to understand your learning and development requirements to create a specific learning solution. Topics can be offered as a talk/lecture , Grand Rounds, workshop, single session or arranged into a series of workshops and multiple sessions. These options can be structured into one hour, 1.5 hour, half-day, full-day or multi-day talks, sessions and workshops or retreats to meet your group or organization’s needs. Customized programs can be designed for learners from all disciplines and at all levels of training in person or virtually. 

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