Next Steps Following a Disclosure or Report

Our first priority in responding to a disclosure/report is on your safety, well-being, and support. Throughout the disclosure/reporting process, utmost care will be taken to minimize further harm or stress. 

designated leader will review your submission and will strive to contact you within 3 business days to initiate a discussion (if you provided your identity on submission).

Your initial discussion with your designated leader will cover:

Supports that are available to them, ensuring that best efforts are made to prioritize the learner’s psychological, social, and physical safety.
The distinction between disclosure and reporting.
That there could be rare egregious circumstances triggering the University’s obligation to act on a complaint, independent of the learner’s intent to disclose vs. report (e.g., CPSO mandatory reporting, health/safety risk, other requirements at law).
The restrictions associated with confidentiality and anonymity
That the University will not tolerate retribution or reprisal towards the learner.

Next steps include:

Making sure you have the appropriate physical, emotional and psychological supports.
Determining your interest in proceeding with a report and investigation into the matter.
Taking direction from you, this may include a delay in action being taken to preserve anonymity and minimize the risk of retaliatory behaviour by the respondent, unless immediate action is required by law or university regulation.
Consulting with individuals, with your consent, in relevant positions on a need-to-know basis. The relevant offices, individuals and policies/procedures depend upon the types of behaviour experienced or witnessed and the roles (e.g. faculty, medical stude
Striving to modify the learning environment such that you will not have to have direct contact with the individual responsible for the concerning behaviour and that other meaningful changes are made to support your safety and wellbeing.

The MD Student Mistreatment Protocol and the PGME Guidelines on Managing  Disclosures of Learner Mistreatment provides further details about the next steps following a disclosure/report.