Distinction Between Discussing, Disclosing and Reporting

The Learner Mistreatment Guideline distinguishes between discussing, disclosing, or reporting incidents of learner mistreatment:


Discussing is when you meet with a designated program leader to talk about, debrief, or unpack an incident or experience.


Disclosing is when you convey information about the conduct of an individual to the university to seek information about your options, including for safety, support, or accommodations.


Reporting is when information about an individual’s conduct is conveyed with the intent that the university formally reviews and potentially acts upon the information.

The decision to disclose and the decision to report are separate decisions made by the Learner, except in cases where the Temerty Faculty of Medicine and/or affiliated health care institution is required to take steps, including out of health or safety concerns, as required by law or university regulation.

Anonymous Disclosures: If the decision is to proceed with an anonymous disclosure or report, you will not be able to participate in the review process or receive information about its outcome. Read more about anonymous disclosures.

Process overview for Discussing, Disclosing or Reporting