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The Essentials of Item-writing for Multiple Choice Examinations

These essential resources introduce Faculty and Residents to writing effective MCQs.  The primers and video guide you to create well-constructed MCQs for the assessment of medical students in the Foundations and Clerkship Curriculum.  They takes you through a series of steps that help you to conceptualize a question, create it in a well-constructed fashion, and confirm that the pitfalls common to item generation have been avoided.  A worksheet is also provided to guide you in writing your own questions, step by step.

Writing Effective Clinical Decision Making Questions Using the Key Feature Approach

The primer and video offer strategies and step-by-step instructions to help faculty conceptualize, write and critique CDMs that align with the MCC examination.  You will learn about the key feature approach to assessment, and how to clearly identify and construct each specific component of an effective CDM question.  A worksheet is provided to get you started and guide you in writing your own question.

Blueprinting for Clerkship Course Mastery Exercises

This primer provides and introduction to blueprinting the Clerkship Mastery Exercises.  Blueprinting is a method of planning assessments that demonstrates what content is covered in each course and how much emphasis is placed on each content area in the assessment. 
The faculty development session, recording, and tutor manual were very helpful.  I felt well prepared going into it without prior experience, and I felt well supported at the session, with the just-in-time opportunity for coaching.
Sacha Agrawal, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto