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Overview: Strategic Priorities

Overview: Strategic Priorities

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Transformative Teaching, Learning and Education Scholarship

As health, medicine, and our society evolve, so must our approaches to medical education. To help ensure the best possible learning experiences for all, we will collaboratively develop and support transformative practices in teaching, learning and education scholarship.

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Inclusive and Supportive Environments and Community

Every member of the Temerty Medicine community should be able to learn, teach and work in collaborative and accessible environments that promote respect, equity, diversity, inclusion, and wellbeing. We commit to building and maintaining inclusive and supportive environments that are anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and culturally safe.

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Collaborative Teams and Integrated Operations

The breadth of the medical education portfolio offers the opportunity to learn from each other, share resources and sound practices, and build a community united for “new knowledge, better health and equity”. To help create and maintain pathways to integration, we will collaborate across programs to break down silos, optimize operations, and collectively work towards common goals.